Friday, April 14, 2017

53 Valley Station, Buellton

With the arrival of Spring comes an appreciation for fresh, new beginnings. That could be in reference to the fresh bounty of Spring flowers blooming on the green hills surrounding our beautiful valley.  It could represent the new life that that we see being born all around us on the ranches from piglets to foals. Or it could simply be the freshness that a good spring cleaning can bring.

Figueroa Mountain overlooking the Santa Ynez Valley

I also believe that Spring is the ideal time to buy a home, obviously not every Spring, but if you are considering moving and getting a fresh new start, doesn't Spring just feel like home-buying season?
Everyone has their own opinions of what their dream home is, however I think that most "dream homes" would include similar qualifications....

Location is important.
This varies from town to town but in general, you want to be in a community that you feel safe in and can connect to your neighbors... whether they are a few feet away or a couple miles.

Tucked back off the main road through town, you will find this dream neighborhood

Comfort is key.
Making a house a home requires a certain level of warmth and coziness. In some houses you need to create that cozy filling with interior decor and modifications... in other homes, it comes already built in.

Luxury is lovely.
Finding a home that feels luxurious is always important, finding one that doesn't have the matching luxurious price tag is a huge bonus! Living in home that you are proud to show off, but knowing that you didn't have to break the bank to get there is something you can feel proud of.

These are just a few of the things on the top of my list in choosing the perfect home, and when our office got the listing for 53 Valley Station Circle in Buellton, I realized that it checked off all of my requirements.

The Santa Ynez Valley has no shortage of luxury homes and incredible ranches, and they are without a doubt fun to see and dream of living in. However, there are beautiful, well maintained neighborhoods, with homes prices more within reach, and let me tell you, the homes do not skimp on anything.

One neighborhood that is on our list of great family neighborhoods would be Valley Station.

In the heart of Buellton, close to everything you need, tucked off of Highway 246, you will find a small community of homes, perfectly designed for family living and entertaining. The neighbors are neighborly and you will, literally, find yourself asking to borrow a cup of sugar on occasion. Everyone knows each other and watches over each others children as they play and ride their bikes in the street and in the community playground.

Being that the single street in the neighborhood does not go through to anywhere else other than the homes, there is little to no traffic and if anyone ends up in the neighborhood that doesn't belong there, they will not go unnoticed.

The homes in this neighborhood are all 2 story homes with approximately 1900 sq. feet. With common space downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. With a large, open kitchen, fireplace, glamorous master bath and beautiful hardwood floors, you will find yourself forgetting that you didn't pay a million for your home!

If you are in the market for a home in the SYV, I highly recommend taking a look at 53 Valley Station Circle. This 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, two story, large floor plan home, is all you need and more, and with a an updated backyard with synthetic grass and koi pond, refaced river rock fireplace, and walk-in master closet, you will not be disappointed.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

4910 Baseline Ave, Santa Ynez

There's nothing I love more than a tasteful ranch home on an outstanding property. And that is exactly what our listing at 4910 Baseline Avenue offers. Listed at only $1,395,000 and located in the desirable Rancho Estates, near Happy Canyon, this 3 bedroom 3 bath home, sitting on over 5 acres is everything you could want, and more. 
A classic look on the outside with beautifully maintained interiors, you will find that settling in will not be a challenge.

Nothing but beauty and tranquility surrounds this house, from the manicured yards, two separate fruit orchards, large mature trees and 5 pastures, all tucked behind your private security gate, you can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature around you.

A 6 stall horse barn provides a warm sanctuary for your furry friends and hot walker to assist in keeping them in tip top shape. 

Inside this wonderful home you are greeted by a warm living room with a gas fireplace. French doors lead to the covered patio and inviting backyard.  

 The dining room, just off the kitchen with passover window, is also complimented by a gas fireplace and french doors to the back yard and patio.

 You will find a breakfast nook, marble counter tops and wood floors in the well maintained and updated kitchen. 

The Master bedroom is a dream, complete with floor to ceiling built in bookshelves, sunny window seat facing the backyard and an updated master bath with walk in shower.

Your family and friends will be pleasantly surprised when you offer them your 1 bedroom guest suite to stay in. Complete with living room, wet bar, full bathroom and private patio, as well as access to the backyard.

We know that this home is going to make it's new owners very happy. 
It really is a dream and at this price, it isn't going to last long.

If you love this home as much as we do, give our office a call to schedule a viewing!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2397 Janin Place, Solvang

As you might be learning, The Santa Ynez Valley is made up of 5 little towns; Santa Ynez, Los Olivos, Ballard, Solvang and Buellton. Each of these cities has it's "staple neighborhood," like the "cool older sibling" of neighborhoods, and by far the most favorable.
Each neighborhood is special for different reasons, however, if I had to choose only one to tell you about, it would have to be Janin Acres. Janin Acres was developed in the early to mid 60's with each home on approximately 1 acre or more. The neighborhood is a perfect balance of country living with a neighborhood feel. The homes are beautiful and original. No two houses in Janin Acres look alike, some are large and luxurious and others are more simple farm style with class.  With county zoning  and The Janin Acres HOA regulations allowing for 2 large animals per acre, many of the homes come standard with horse facilities too!

The ideal location of Janin Acres places it's residents in the center of the Santa Ynez Valley, on the border of Santa Ynez and Solvang, you have access to all The Valley has to offer. With easy access to both highway 154 and 101 you will find it a breeze to get North or South.

It's easy to see why this neighborhood is, and has been, at the top of it's class since the beginning and why our 3 bed 2 bath listing at 2397 Janin Place is one of our favorite homes.

This impeccably maintained farm style home sits on just over an acre on a quiet cul-de-sac in the center of this wonderful neighborhood.  It's difficult to not fall in love with this home just from looking at it from the front. The semi-circular driveway and white roses welcome you with a warm greeting while inviting you in.

Upon entry, you are embraced with a perfect balance of dark and light with the warm dark wood floors and crisp white walls your design opportunities are endless.

 The two living areas meet each other through a retro style open brick fireplace, warming both rooms at the same time and allowing the space to feel connected while being separate.

With a large open kitchen with a European AGA 3-oven cooker and Sub Zero refrigerator  overlooking the manicured backyard and horse stalls you'll find yourself looking forward to making breakfast  for the family or hosting a dinner party for your closest friends.

 The fresh new backyard landscaping out your kitchen window invites you go out and enjoy your views of Alamo Pintado Corridor and to easily access your horse facilities with minimal effort. 3 horse stalls await you on the other side of you backyard fence, so your favorite hoofed friends are never too far away.

With all that is offered in this dream home, it's hard to believe that it is only listed for $949,000. 
It's definitely an opportunity that does not come around often in this area. 

If you love this home as much as we do, give us a call and set up your appointment to see it in person! 
We look forward to helping you find your dream home in
The Santa Ynez Valley.

*update as of 2/20/17- This beautiful listing is currently pending sale, however, we have similar listings available, to see them, please visit: 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let's learn something!

We've all heard it before, "You should try to learn something new, everyday". But why? I mean, of course that would be great, but everyday? Don't you feel like some days you are following the same routine, seeing the same people, talking about the same things? How can you really learn anything new on one of those days, and why is is such a big deal?

Research shows that learning something new everyday can:
  1. Enhance your quality of life. Learning provides you with an escape when you need it, knowledge when you seek it, and a great pastime.
  2. Reduce stress. A new hobby can be a great stress reliever. It helps us break out of our normal patterns of behavior  It gives our brains something to think about other than our daily worries.
  3. Gain confidence. When we succeed in learning something we feel better, more confident in ourselves and our ability to tackle all sorts of new tasks.
  4. Knowledge is power. When you have knowledge, you have the power to achieve many things. One of the most crucial reasons to learn something new is that you gain power when you do.
  5. Improve your mental health. One reason why learning has a positive impact on our mental well-being is that it is often about setting goals or targets and achieving these. This sense of achievement is an important part of ‘doing well’.
  6. Socializing. Often learning is a social activity and it can help us connect with other people, which is sometimes difficult to do on a meaningful level in today’s electronic world. Social connections are vital to our mental well-being.
  7. Be selfish. Learning something new might be the excuse you need for some “me time”. Time away from work or family. An appointment with yourself. It might just keep you sane.
  8. Have fun. Resolving to learn something new is exciting: the world is full of fascinating skills and talents. And the process of discovering them, not just the end result, is enjoyable and rewarding.
  9. Set an example. There’s nothing that gets children interested like observing their parents expressing excitement about learning. Inspire your kids to want to learn, too. Better still, learn together and share a common interest for life.
  10. Rediscover. Many of us have given up on something with were once enthusiastic about in order to focus on a more secure career path. But doesn’t it niggle? Wouldn’t you like to know if you still have the skill and the passion for your long neglected hobby?
Ok, so how can I seek out new learning opportunities, everyday?

You could search Google: Learn something new...

Here's what you'll get:

Now, that's all fascinating, however, I'm not sure if that's the type of learning something new the studies were talking about.

I believe one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is visiting local museums, galleries, monuments... anything that you can see, touch, smell... that's the type of "learning something new" I envision the studies focusing on.

Wherever you are in the world, your home town, a vacation destination, business trip.. take some time to find something real to learn about. You don't have to spend hours pondering over a gallery of abstract art, but go inside, look around, read a few descriptions of the pieces and I guarantee you will learn something, and it will stick.

Ok, so if I visit, or live in The Santa Ynez Valley, do I go to Santa Barbara for a little education?

It's true, Santa Barbara is a beacon of history. I grew up going to every museum in the city and loved every minute of it. I still venture down there from time to time to see new exhibits and bring back all of that sense of nostalgia from my childhood. However, a lot of people are unaware that The Santa Ynez Valley is bursting with history, museums, nature centers, you name it! You just have to know where to look!

In the town of Santa Ynez we have an entire museum dedicated to to the history of this Valley and it's settlers. Everything from Native American history to our Pioneer Settlers and the original Santa Ynez Jail (1885 – 1913). They even have an entire room full of one of the finest authentic carriage collections of its kind in the United States. It contains more than 36 carriages!

 The museum is located at 3596 Sagunto Street in downtown Santa Ynez

Then, as you make your way from Santa Ynez into the rest of the valley, if you take Baseline Avenue, you will find yourself in the first town of Santa Ynez Valley. 
Welcome to Ballard, California. Careful! If you blink you'll miss it! 

When you reach the first stop sign in town, take a right down the first of 2 streets in Ballard, and you'll end up at Ballard School. Founded in 1882 this school is still in daily use and is ranked one of the top in the nation. You can learn more on the Ballard School website here.

After you leave Ballard, you can either turn right and go to Los Olivos where you will find the Historical Mattei's Tavern....

Built in 1886 as a stage coach stop by a Swiss-American named Felix Mattei, Mattei’s Tavern (previously known as The Central Hotel, Los Olivos Hotel, and then Stage Coach Inn) is one of the oldest wooden structures in California.

Or you can turn left and end up in Solvang.

Here you can just park and walk. I recommend parking at The  Old Mission Santa InĂ©s,

 then from there you walk (or drive) to Elverhoy Museum. This museum is a beacon of history of all things Danish in our little town.

Down the street from the Elverhoy you will find a wonderful art museum called Wildling Museum.
The exhibits and themes here vary which is great beause you always have something new! Be be sure to check their website here to see what's happening! 

So, there you have it. We may be small but we are mighty! Our history and our passion for it, makes our town rich in information! Yet another reason why we love The Santa Ynez Valley.

Other museums and historical sights include (but not limited to):

More resources:

If you are interested making The Santa Ynez Valley your home and becoming a part of it's history, give our office a call! 
We would love to help you!